What Should You Write in Business Analytics Personal Statement

Why Look for Business Analytics Personal Statement Assistance?

A business analytics degree can lead to employment in many sectors and is highly prized. For graduate schools entry can come from a variety of academic and business specialties like behavioral or transportation analytics. Competition for places therefore will always be tough and an application statement must be good so you stand out. A well written and engaging piece can be the difference between acceptance and rejection. Many people come to us for professional assistance with their business analytics personal statement or business administration personal statement because they want the best.

What to Include in Your Statement?

It is difficult for admission boards to differentiate between candidates on their academic results and references alone. It is other information, and how you present it, that gets you noticed. Our experienced writers always consider the following:

  • Why this course? How your interest developed, what you have done to pursue it, how it follows on from current studies.
  • Why you are the right person? Show you are a good candidate with extra-curricular work like research, relevant reading and employment. For graduates make skills and specialties like computers, statistics or business stand out.
  • Other transferrable skills? All significant employment is relevant. Work with data collection and analysis like a traffic flow surveys is a good example. Learning about team work, pre job meetings or continuous improvement processes, is all relevant.
  • Long term goals? Selectors want to know about career plans and how you will use the knowledge they will provide. If you plan to work in risk analytics for insurance applications then say so.
  • Outside class? Keep this brief and relevant. For example the board would not be interested in your musical preferences, but tell them if you play an instrument in a band, or play a sport to a high level and want to continue at university.
  • Why here? Establish a personal link to the college or faculty. It will impress if you know something about them or their particular programs.

Be clear and concise, your business analytics personal statement is not a biography. Like for a management personal statement, try to make it flow and read easily because an overly long piece loses the reader’s attention and your best attributes might get lost. Your statement should be personal, it’s about you in your own words, but avoid jokes, slang and abbreviations. Get your writing checked by other people to pick up spelling and grammar mistakes. Just a few simple errors will give the impression you are not a serious candidate.

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