Guideline for Writing International Business Personal Statement

international business personal statement

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A Good Personal Statement Can Get You Accepted

Most job vacancies, degree and graduate school applications require a personal statement where you are expected to talk about yourself in your own words. Global commerce has seen a demand for international managers and many pursue such a career hence academic places are at a premium. One way to distinguish yourself is with an interesting and unique essay. Writing such a piece is difficult for many people and they seek help from professionals like us.

How We Write an International Business Personal Statement?

Your statement is an opportunity to let the admissions committee know what to expect from you apart from scores or reference letters. Places on international business courses are very over-subscribed, especially at a good school, so to stand out you need an engaging and original piece. Our expert writers compose pieces using various guidelines, these are some important ones.

  1. Schedule your work. A great statement is seldom completed at the first attempt so leave thinking and revision time.
  2. Research the post. Discover what you can about the school business department and staff. Check application regulations and comply with them completely.
  3. Do not ever copy. Start a new file and fit each piece to the specific school and position. It will be obvious if you use a pasted statement for every application, be original every time or you will be rejected.
  4. Plan your format. Use the best samples of business management personal statement. We know everyone is different but always address the following somehow:
    • Why you want to study international business? Why you are interested in international commerce and want to learn more. Expand on specialties like accounting standards or political systems.
    • Your career? What you expect after graduating. For example you want employment in the government sector, specifically trade agreements.
    • Why choose you? Include work experience, research or published papers. Stay positive, stress team skills, relevant foreign experience or language skills.
    • Why this institution? Why you want to study or work in this faculty and location.

If the reader gets bored your best features could be lost so keep it clear and simple. For more ideas we provide clients with a tailored international business personal statement example and.

  1. Grammar errors must be avoided. Spelling mistakes, poor wording or bad grammar will make it seem you are not serious about the position. Here you can also take some sample of business and law personal statement.
  2. Good statements are easily read. Your personal statement international business should flow well. You have to avoid slang, texting language or abbreviations and do not expand on your specialty interests too deeply. You are not writing a thesis and not all readers may be familiar, you could lose their attention.
  3. Get second opinions. Peer review usually results in changes for the better. If in doubt come to an online service like us.

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We Can Write Your Personal Statement for International Business

If you order our service a professional writer who understands application procedures will work with you directly. Our customer service minded staff give great value for money and we guarantee your satisfaction with a full refund if not.

With our service your international business personal statement is guaranteed mistake free and will portray you at your best!