How to Write Perfect Business and Law Personal Statement

business and law personal statement

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Why Get Professional Assistance with Your Personal Statement?

Law school application is competitive and most applicants submit personal statements to expand on positive areas, or explain negative elements in their history. Concise and expertly written personal statements should satisfy the selection committee but if obvious issues are not discussed you can compromise your chances. Law professionals from all sectors including business or commercial law appreciate clear, concise and accurate wording. Many people are daunted by this task and seek help from professionals like us.

We supply tailored statement samples, check and edit client’s own writing, or give a full writing service for this critical essay. We follow basic rules for projects like these:

  1. Is the statement necessary? Small negatives in your academic past need not be addressed because your overall grades do that anyway. Statements which exaggerate the importance of work with negligible legal or business value should be avoided. Think about whether the statement is really necessary because legal staff do not like wasting time. If you decide to go ahead then you must submit a high quality piece.
  2. Ensure perfect English throughout. You have to write in a way which impresses legal professionals. Sloppy and silly mistakes indicate a poorly prepared and unmotivated candidate. Use a professional service to guarantee no errors creep into your work.
  3. Introduction. Like in any business personal statement, stay plainly why you want the position.
  4. Detail. Stick to the facts as per a legal document. Focus on specialties such as internet law or consumer goods and why they mate with your undergraduate studies and hopes for future employment. Be positive when addressing low points, your statement is not for excuses.
  5. Conclusion. The selectors should be satisfied you are a good candidate with many plus points compared to others. Try to write a conclusion which reaffirms this impression and leaves you marked as a superior applicant.
  6. Do not try too hard. Stick to legal type writing, do not get too personal or informal and never use slang or jokes. Do not copy, no matter the source. A business and law personal statement could be checked with anti-copying software and mere suspicion of plagiarism means rejection. You can only use some business economics personal statement like an example, but without copying.
  7. Use friends or a professional service for proofreading. Revisiting your work and having experts check your statement gives an error free submission with optimized content.

We Are Ready and Able to Help You

Our experienced writing and editing staff know how important a good law and business personal statement is and are expert at writing them for specific applications. They are all native English speakers who have post graduate qualifications. They work closely with you through planning, drafting and revision until you are completely satisfied. An editor then checks your piece for quality and plagiarism because we will not issue a non-original product. That policy and our client satisfaction is guaranteed by a full refund.

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