Tips on Writing Business Economics Personal Statement

business economics personal statement

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Use the Following Tips to Help You Write an Outstanding Business Economics Personal Statement.

Business economics is offered at degree and post graduate levels by many universities and is a popular field. With most candidates having very similar academic records, the business economics personal statement is a primary tool for the admission board to distinguish the best people. An original and well written statement is needed which says a little about you and your education, but concentrates more on work experience and research interests. You must tailor the statement to match your strengths with the position you are applying for. For example microeconomics does not match a position involving macroeconomics research for think tank applications.

Writing appropriate information in an attention grabbing style is not easy and many people want guidance. Consider the following:

  1. Leave plenty of time – Start at least a week before deadline. You have to prepare, compose then revisit and revise your statement.
  2. Check the school website – By referring to specific research projects or courses you show you are a serious applicant.
  3. Start with a blank page. Do not be tempted to copy even small sections for your business and economics personal statement. Many schools have recognition software for screening applications. You will be rejected by a computer for having as little as 10% copied content.
  4. Plan your content –Your statement should be restricted to approximately 1000 words or 2 pages. Your exam results will be listed elsewhere and apart from outstanding or obviously bad grades they should not be mentioned. Start with an introduction, then paragraphs which discuss your research interests and relevant work experience, before a positive conclusion.
  5. Emphasize experience – Previous research and study, or significant periods of work experience, should be highlighted. If you’ve had some abroad experience, you can use an international business management personal statement like an example. These extra strengths and roles you have taken can really strengthen your claim.
  6. Career plans – The board want to see someone who future plans and wants the education on offer to fulfill them. Discuss research or government sector work that attracts you.
  7. Error free – A business economics personal statement must use perfect English and contain no errors in spelling or grammar. The people reading it will note mistakes and this will harm your chances.
  8. Tell a story – You are talking about yourself in your own words so be clear, concise and informative. Answer the question “why do you want to study business?”. Writing an essay which flows well and engages the reader takes time. Revise your document until it reads well.
  9. Use proofreaders and get advice – speak to career advisers or friends. Get them to check your statement and give you honest advice. Peer review always finds errors you have missed or promotes better word and sentence choices.

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