Why Do You Want to Study Business: 10 Main Reasons

why do you want to study business

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Your Personal Statement Should Explain Why You Want to Study Business Management

Business and related subjects like FAME (finance, accounting, management, economics) are among the most popular fields at university, particularly at graduate school level. Competition for places is strong especially for prestigious schools. A business related qualification with good grades will create opportunities for you and allow for a faster career progression when you do start work. As part of your application you will prepare a personal statement business and management in which you should talk about yourself, your interests and planned career path. The school board will ask themselves – why do you want to study business, and also – how you plan to use the knowledge?

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Listed below are ten possible answers to the question – why I want to study business?

  1. Flexible career path – a business degree can open many different opportunities in a wide range of sectors.
  2. Better salary – a good degree from a reputable school will generally lead to a better paid job but still requires hard work and facing strong competition.
  3. Faster career development – a good business degree will give you a head start in your career. It may also give you access to higher management positions which require a suitable degree or specialist training
  4. You are an entrepreneur – getting finance for a business start-up or entrepreneurial project is not easy. Many investors want to see some concrete knowledge and training before they trust an entrepreneur with their money.
  5. You are a good mathematician – you are strong in the field of statistics and want to use it for a career in the insurance industry
  6. You have an analytics thesis – you have a passion for analytics and improvement processes and have a thesis you want to research connected with production line optimization.
  7. Transferrable skills – a business degree includes knowledge and training which can be applied to a variety of sectors. Consider the FAME group as listed above for example
  8. You want a small business qualification – you want the business knowledge to back up your small business venture. It’s a great idea but you need some training to be able to manage it.
  9. Internet specialist – internet business start-up and management is your desired specialty but you need more knowledge to make it work for you.
  10. Company training – many companies have training programs for new recruits and you are one of them. The business degree is part of your training and gets you into a large corporation

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